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Each year, Australians send over 7 million tonnes of food/organic waste to landfill, wasting valuable nutrients and releasing methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. It doesn't have to be this way.
Waste Ninja is a 100% Australian-owned waste management company with a specialist focus on food waste recycling. We help Aussies keep their food waste out of landfill.

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Create Value

We work with you to customise a solution that best suits your needs. We might even be able to save you on existing waste charges.

Improve Your Environmental Footprint

We take all your food/organic waste and ensure it stays out of landfill thanks to our fleet of purpose-built organic waste collection vehicles and our leading network of organics recovery infrastructure partners.

Tell Your Story

Each day, more Australian's are joining the war on waste. Leverage the movement by building a brand that's committed to being part of the solution.

Why It Matters


The year at which major cities across Australia are predicted to run out of landfill capacity. After 2030, in some cases, residual/general waste will need to be transported over 200km

1 Million

Tonnes of food/organic waste Australian's dispose to landfill each year, making it the single largest contributor ahead of construction and demolition waste

1 Million

Tonnes of greenhouse gas (CO2e) produced by organic waste decomposing in landfills across Australia each year, equivalent to an additional 3 million cars on the road

Reduce costs, Reduce landfill

Waste Ninja offers friendly service and can provide a waste management package that best suits your needs. Contact our expert team today. Together, let’s fix this. 

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