Waste Ninja

Finally, a waste management partner you can trust

Why Choose Us?

Waste Ninja is an innovative, 100% Australian-owned waste management company with a specialist focus on food waste recycling. Our commitment to the environment is more than what we say, it's who we are and what we do. Here's what makes us different:

People & Planet First

Everything we do is driven by our core mission to end Australia's reliance on landfill. We have no ownership in landfill sites (or
other vested interests) and our fleet of purpose-built food waste collection vehicles are specifically designed to meet the challenges of managing organic waste, for the sole purpose of maximising recovery/recycling options.

Friendly Service, Expert Advice

100% Australian-owned and locally-managed, our friendly team is passionate about customer service and will provide you with expert advice you won't find anywhere else. Our customers are family and we love going that extra mile to ensure you have the best solution.

Not Just Empty Promises

When all the 'fluffy stuff' is said and done, you need a waste management partner who can live up to their promises. We get it.
Businesses across Australia rely on Waste Ninja to 'deliver the goods'. Our solutions provide convenience and flexibility with 100% transparency, meaning you can focus on what really matters - managing your business.

Reduce costs, Reduce landfill

Waste Ninja offers friendly service and can provide a waste management package that best suits your needs. Contact our expert team today. Together, let’s fix this. 

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